Design + Construction

Lime St Projects is a boutique residential design and construction company focused on creating sophisticated, unique functional spaces.

We specialize in designing and building houses that reflect the personal experiences and needs of our clients blending texture, colour and space to create a perfect home.

We work with a variety of architects and designers including Matthew Crawford Architects, Tom Lemann Architects & Rodrigues Bodycoat Architects.

What You Can Expect

We are professional, but work without humour is not our style.

The process of designing and building your own home should be enjoyable, yes emotional at times but something you should want to do again. If we achieve this, then we have succeeded.

We pride ourselves on communication and quite simply we take our responsibility to you personally.



HIA Finalist Australian Townhouse Development 


HIA Townhouse of the Year
HIA Townhouse Development of the Year


HIA Finalist Renovation/Alteration + $1.4m


HIA Finalist Custom Built Home $1.6m - $2.6m
HIA Australian Townhouse Development of the Year